How to Wear Colour for Summer

Colourful jewellery is one of the biggest trends for summer 2022. Wherever you looked on the runways, the biggest designers were showing off bold, vibrant colourful jewellery pieces from hoops and chokers to statement rings. This fun look is also a great way to show off your style and explore your personality and creativity through your look, which we love so much. But if you’ve never worn colour with your jewellery before, you might be thinking, how do I actually style this? Is it for every day?

So, we’re diving a little deeper into the world of colourful jewellery this week. We’re looking at how to choose the best pieces for this summer’s trends and most importantly, how you might want to style and wear yours. Here are just some of our favourite ways for the season ahead.


Choose Colourful Gemstones

Gemstones are a huge trend this season so why not tick two trend boxes at once and make your gems bright and colourful? It’s also not about saving your spectacular gemstone jewellery for the evening. But instead, styling it for every day. Whether that’s with a simple white tee or a formal office-ready look.

Our Into the Blue and Turning Tides collections are packed with turquoise-coloured stones and stunning abalone or discover head-turning blue lapis and green malachite in our brand-new Second Nature collection.


Opt for Enamel

Another super chic way to inject some colour into your jewellery is with coloured enamel. This serves up a modern take on colour while offering you plenty of choice when it comes to palettes. Enamel jewellery also works well when styled into stacks or layered necklaces so it can be a perfect choice if you know you like to mix things up with your jewels.

Our Bright Future collections are designed with stunning coloured enamel, perfect for this trend and the brand-new Neon Nights collection serves up vibrant neon pieces if you fancy something extra fun.


Layer It Up 

Layered styling is one of our favourites when it comes to jewellery. Allowing you to get creative and wear multiple chic pieces at once, coloured jewellery works perfectly with this kind of look. From bracelets to necklaces, layer your pieces together and build up a unique look every single day with countless pops of gorgeous colour. 

Our stunning teal Bar Necklace could be layered with a coordinating teal enamel Disc Necklace or double drop your turquoise with our turquoise Link Chain paired with our delicate turquoise Drop Necklace.


Make It Mismatched

Another key way to layer and stack your colourful jewellery this season is to opt for the mismatched vibe. Rather than keeping your look paired, why not play around with multiple colours to create a unique look? You could also try mixed delicate and chunky statement pieces to add depth and interest to a layered look.

Try pairing our compact but chunky turquoise coloured huggies with a sleek pair of berry coloured enamel hoops. When it comes to this trend, making it mismatched and mixing up different colours is key. 

Shop chic and stylish colourful jewellery perfect for everyday wear in the latest collections at Ania Haie. Whether you love the minimal coloured enamel aesthetic or you feel like embracing your spirituality through stunning colourful gemstones, the colourful jewellery trend is easier than you think to pick up and inject into your personal collection. Elevate your everyday style with the perfect pop of colour this summer. And remember to show us how you style your Ania Haie colourful pieces by tagging us on Instagram!