International Happiness Day: Boost Your Mood with a Pop of Color

We’re All About Color This Month

This year, International Happiness Day lands on March 20th. Not heard of or celebrated this day before? Well, we think 2021 is the perfect year to embrace the day and celebrate the importance of happiness. Our own and for others.

For us, happiness has always been intrinsically linked with color. Some colors just simply boost your mood, brighten your spirits and encourage a little extra happiness. Don’t you think?

We know that color has always carried certain connotations and meanings. While some colors are said to inspire you to take specific actions, other colors are known for their link to certain moods and emotions. The takeaway? Color is important!

And now, more than ever, we all need a burst of positivity from wherever we can get it. So why not embrace International Happiness Day with a pop of mood-boosting color.


Which Colours Make Us Happy?

Lots of colors carry mood-boosting associations. Yellow is all about optimism and happiness while blue denotes calmness, stress-relief and serenity through its natural aesthetic. Green represents vitality and also fortune and luck while purple is linked to emotional spirituality. 

How do you want to boost your happiness this March? – And this year?

We’re doing it with stacks of colourful jewelry, of course. But here are a few more ideas.


How to Make Yourself Happy – It’s the Little Things

Check out our tips on some little things we’ll be doing to boost our happiness for this day.


Organise Your Jewelry Collection

We love to be organised. If this is you, this is perfect. Either organise what you have or invest in jewelry boxes or displays and spend the day sorting through your jewelry. Not only will this leave you feeling more organised and calm but you’ll also likely discover jewelry pieces you’ve forgotten about and can restyle for the new season.


Send Someone a Gift

Is there anything better than sending someone a gift for no reason at all?

This International Happiness Day, why not send someone a gift with a pop of color that suits their style of happiness. Could they do with some stress relief? Choose a pop of turquoise with our Tidal Turquoise necklace. Are they at their happiest when they’re embracing their spirituality? Choose our Tidal Abalone Signet ring that incorporates the stunning natural purples, greens and blues of the abalone stone.


Treat Yourself

Buying gifts for other people makes you feel good. So why not buy yourself a gift and get the best of both worlds? After the year we’ve all had, we think a treat is definitely in order!


Get Dressed Up

Whether you’re going somewhere or not, there’s something about getting dressed up that just makes us feel better. Don’t you agree?

Dress up, do your favourite hair and makeup look and wear your favourite jewelry – it’ll force you to do something fun or make that zoom call catch up instead of spending another afternoon or night in front of Netflix! 

Will you be embracing International Happiness Day this year? If you’re anything like us, do it with color and do it with treats!