Into the Blue: Choose Blue This Season

Add Some Colour to Your Collection This Summer 

One colour we’re completely in love with this year is blue. From bold blue pieces of statement jewellery to subtle blue accents, this calming hue adds the perfect touch of trend to any layered jewellery look.


The Meaning Behind Blue

And blue doesn’t just look gorgeous. It’s also stacked with multiple meanings and plenty of symbolism that makes it even more special to wear. Or to gift to someone else.

Representing the sea and sky, lots of our blue jewellery is stimulated by nature and this season’s trend of oceanic inspirations when it comes to aesthetics. But that’s not all. Blue symbolises space, freedom and stability as well as an overwhelming sense of calm. All of these are just some of the reasons the colour blue is so loved by those who consider themselves to be spiritual.

Lastly, blue represents confidence. And amongst all its other meanings, we think we love this one the most. Creating looks that give you confidence runs deep for Ania Haie and if a stunning piece of blue jewellery can help you to feel your most confident, we’re happy.


How to Style Blue Jewellery

Love the look of blue jewellery but not sure how to style it? First things first, don’t overthink it! There are no rules on how to wear jewellery this season. It’s just all about being creative and unique. So, if you like how it looks, then you’ve already nailed it.

Here are a couple of ways we’ll be wearing our fave blue pieces this season.


Add A Subtle Colour Pop

When you’re starting out with colourful jewellery, adding a subtle colour pop or accent to your look is a great way to see how it makes you feel. 

Try our beautifully delicate Tidal Turquoise Crescent Necklace or add a touch of blue at the ear with our super subtle Tidal Turquoise Cabochon Stud Earrings.


Embrace All the Blues

For a bolder take on adding blue to your jewellery look, why not simply embrace all the blues – and green tones! Layer them up and create a unique look that’s all about bright and bold colour.

Try adding our Turquoise Claw Ring to your stack or layer our Turquoise Drop Disc Necklace with a statement pendant like our Turquoise Emblem Necklace.


Contrast It with Something Minimal

While blue jewellery can certainly feel spiritual and meaningful, it can also still be styled to look super luxe and modern. Our favourite way to achieve the look? By styling it with something sleek and minimal.

Try pairing our on-trend chunky chain Tidal Mixed Link Necklace with a luxe and minimal pair of sleek hoops. The perfect complement.


Wear It for Everyday

When you have a particularly special piece of jewellery that’s a little different from the rest of your collection – like a bold turquoise piece – we often ‘save it for best’. But we say no! Incorporate it into your everyday look and style it up with pieces already in your collection and you’ll instantly start to gain colour confidence when it comes to your jewellery. And that’s what we like to see!  

Will you be adding blue to your summer colour palette this year? Shop our stunning turquoise pieces in our Mineral GlowHidden Gem and Turning Tides collections for the perfect pop of colour for any look.