Gold Digger: What Inspired This Collection?

Our favourite coin jewellery and how we designed it!

Feel like becoming a gold digger? We designed our Gold Digger collection packed with coin and medallion-inspired jewellery for those who love a splash of on-trend chunky gold as much as we do. 

Inspired by gods, mythology, emperors of the past and ancient coins, each piece in the collection contains a statement gold coin feature. Perfect for the on-going coin trend, yes. But also, effortlessly cool, timeless and beautifully versatile to dress up and style more casually.


Our Gold Winged Goddess & Nika Coins 

Inspired by the winged goddess, Nika, these coin pieces ooze ancient Greek mythology. From our statement Winged Goddess Ring to the delicate Nika Bracelet, this coin represents femininity. Featuring the goddess with supernatural powers, it symbolises everything from love and life to motherhood. A stunning gift for the special women in your life or a well-deserved treat for yourself.  


Our Gold Emperor Coin 

Our gold emperor coin is inspired by ancient Rome and intricately depicts ruling emperors. Feeling like a real piece of history, try our beautifully-crafted Emperor T-Bar Necklace or the super chunky Emperor Adjustable Ring to add a classic touch of ancient Rome to your modern-day jewellery collection this season. 


Our Gold Axum Coin

A true ancient throwback, our Axum coins are inspired by the real coins of the Roman Empire. This type of currency was originally named Aksumite and used in the Kingdom of Axum – today, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our version of the Axum coin is just as intricately crafted as the original coins, representing wealth and fortune as well as good luck.

Why not layer our Axum Necklace with something simple for the perfect summer look or try adding our striking Axum Mini Hoop Earrings to your earring stack to create something unique?


Our Gold Seljuks Coin 

One of our most statement coin designs is our Seljuks coin. Inspired by the real currency of The Seljuks of Rum, Anatolia in around 1200 AD. Depicting a sun and lion engraved design, this piece adds incredible texture to any stack or speaks for itself when worn solo. Our statement Seljuks Signet Ring is the perfect way to style your look with a touch of something that feels historical.


Our Gold Apollo Coin

A god-inspired design from both Greek and Roman mythology, our Apollo coin represents the sun as well as symbolism, such as truth, healing and prophecy. Our statement Apollo Ring features this bold coin placed on layers of gold, as the perfect stacked aesthetic, without the styling. 

Feeling a little better about being a Gold Digger this season? Whether you choose a single statement piece or love to stack up your coins like us, this collection is packed with the on-trend coin necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings your personal stash is missing. All crafted in 925 sterling silver and plated in high-quality 14kt gold for long-lasting shine.

Wear yours with everything from your bikini to your special occasion wear this summer and prove that when it comes to stacking coin, you know

exactly what you’re doing.