Top Tips for Creating Luxe Layers

Elevate Your Layered Jewellery This Season

Layering necklaces is one of the biggest looks this season and beyond. But finding the perfect combination of chains to create a look that’s both on-trend and super luxe means choosing just the right pieces. We want an elevated and polished finished look – rather than something that feels heavy or off-balance.

So, how to create a luxe layered look that feels super expensive? Follow our top tips below.


Start with A Short Base Layer

When building your layered necklaces, it’s best to start with your shortest piece. Which often works best as a simple base layer. This provides an initial foundation for your layered look and creates the highest neckline you feel comfortable with, which should work with whichever top or dress you’re wearing that day.

Browse our collection of short necklaces for the perfect piece. Our Figaro Chain Necklace or Heavy Spike Necklace serve as great foundation pieces for a layered look.


Keep It Sleek

Minimal and sleek always feels luxe. So, if that’s the aesthetic you’re going for, keep your look sleek and polished, even when layering up several necklaces.

If you’ve started with a short Figaro Chain Necklace, add a minimal Crush Disc Y Necklace or even a Luxe Circle Necklace for smooth, minimalism perfection.


Add Texture

Adding some texture to your luxe layers is a bold way to mix up your look while keeping things feeling expensive. And there are several ways you can add texture to a layered necklace stack.

Head to our Gold Digger collection for the ultimate in coin necklaces. The perfect textured pieces for a layered look, choose anything from our single Axum coin Necklace to our multi-layered Nika Necklace, complete with stacks of shimmering and textured gold coin detailing.

Alternatively, add texture and depth another way. With pearls. One of this season’s hottest looks, pearl details create shape for a layered necklace look while serving up a chic statement alternative. The Pearl Chunky Necklace from our Pearl of Wisdom collection does this to perfection.


Build It Gradually 

When you’re not used to layering necklaces, just take your time. Build your look gradually and don’t try to include every single one of your favourite pieces. There’s plenty of time to wear everything!


Mix & Match Different Styles

Lastly, mixing and matching necklaces with totally different styles is another of our fave ways to create a unique and luxe layer. Don’t think our Mother of Pearl Emblem Necklace could pair well with an on-trend, chunky Mixed Link T-Bar Necklace? Think again. 

These are our top tips for creating luxe layers but as we always say, there are no rules here. It’s all about personality. If you like minimal and simplistic jewellery, create a stack that reflects that style. If you prefer a more statement and OTT vibe, create that with texture, colour and different size pieces.

The only style guide we tend to stick to these days? The more the merrier.

Shop our on-trend necklaces for this season, perfect for layering from the latest Ania Haie collections.